Furrever Friends Fall Fundraiser!

Furrever Friends is running a fall fundraiser. For every soy candle you buy, 50% will go directly to Furrever Friends.

There are 44 — YES, 44!! — scents from which to choose!! The candles should be in by Thanksgiving. I will deliver them to you shortly after I pick them up. Local orders only, please. I am not able to ship them.

There is a really tight deadline. I need to have all my orders in by Thurs, Nov 6. So, if you are interested, please order quickly!

More information is available in the PDF link below, including the scent description list and order form.

Click here for more info: Fall 2014 Soy Candle Fundraiser FFRV

Thank you!!

Introducing: The Brooklawn Fosters!

A fellow FFRV volunteer rescued 6 kittens with their momma from Brooklawn, NJ when the kittens were about 2 weeks old. Momma had already had at least 4 previous litters and was exhausted from being a mother. Since she was unable to properly care for her kittens, FFRV decided to help her out and allow her to retire. Momma was spayed and her kittens went into foster care. When they were 6 weeks old, 3 of the kittens joined the Playroom (Elsa, Duramax, and Galahad). Their 3 other siblings were a little hissy and are being safely fostered at another FFRV home, with a volunteer who is fantastic at socializing hissy kittens.

Duramax: The largest of the 3, Duramax almost entirely black, with some white strands of fur along his back and a hint of white on his upper chest. He is hilarious and will do anything and everything to catch a mouse on a string. Duramax leaps, climbs, and races TOP SPEED around the Playroom. I haven’t yet found his off button. He’s not shy at all with strangers and has made it his mission to entertain ALL THE HUMANS (which he does).

Elsa: The only girl in the group, Elsa has no problem keeping up with Duramax’s energy and is often flying high speed around the Playroom with her bigger brother. She is mostly black, with a tuft of white fur on her lower belly. Elsa has gorgeous eyes and she uses them to get your attention. Elsa’s fur is incredibly silky and soft.

Galahad: The smallest of the 3, Galahad is black and white and his coloring makes him easy to differentiate from his siblings. He’s a gentle kitten: he plays gently, cuddles gently, and sleeps gently. He enjoys playing alone or watching his siblings from afar, and he lets his brother, Duramax, know when playtime is getting too rough for him! Galahad might be the smallest, but he is the mightiest eater of the bunch. I imagine he’ll put on a bunch of weight during his time in the Playroom and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up the “most changed” in the next few weeks.


High def streaming video at the kits’ eye level!

The kitkats are now in High Def, plus now viewed at the kits’ eye level.


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.13.53 AM


Welcome J Fosters!

Who’s who? The J Fosters were born around July 16 and will be up for adoption in late-September.

Josefina: She is the grey kitten, the largest of the bunch, and the most independent. She doesn’t like to be cornered, but given some time, she will show you her beautiful belly spots. She knows how to entertain herself and is a pretty low-maintenance kitten.

Jose: The brown tabby with white paws, he is usually with Josefina. He loves to show off his belly and climb on my shoulder. He purrs loudly at the slightest touch.

Julio: The brown tabby with more white on his face than Jose. He likes to do whatever his siblings are doing. He is usually with Julietta or wrapped around my feet.
Julietta: The medium-hair calico mix. She follows me everywhere and prefers watching her siblings from my lap. Her mouth always looks like she’s smiling. She’s the cuddlebug of the group. Julietta and Julio want the most attention from me when I’m in the room.